TiengNa Coffee and Bakery Farm

TiengNa Coffee and Bakery Farm is a dainty and hidden cafe snugged behind a Buddhist retail store, not easily spot by the casual traveller. However, it’s worth the effort to navigate and make the necessary u-turns to make that visit whenever you pass by Tak province.

tiengna coffee and bakery farm
pastry that look amazing and taste amazing too!

Enjoy sipping coffee by a small lake, surrounded by lushious greenery and photo-worthy antiques. We really enjoyed the transient rest here, from the long drive down to Hua Hin. We had Blueberry Cheese Pie, croissant, and we shared a Mocha. Total damage was 250 baht.

It’s quite a picturesque and insta-worthy spot with all its quirky furnishings and design.

They have an assortment of cakes, croissants, and other pastries to choose from, freshly baked by themselves.

For directions, you’ll need to pay special attention to a couple of Thai signs to find the cafe. If you are travelling from Chiang Mai to the south, you will have to make a short U-Turn before turning left into the cafe. Look out for the Buddist retail store and also the Thai signs, to figure out the small road that leads to the cafe.

We are really impressed with their pastries and coffee, and we think you would be too. Overall, we think it’s a very worthy detour while travelling the long roads of Thailand. Do not be put off with the initial challenge of finding the right pathway, as the food and rest will be worth it. Let us know how you find the experience in the comments if you do visit! If you are driving from Chiang Mai down south or vice-versa, do check out our experience driving down from Chiang Mai to Phuket, it might give you some inspiration!

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