Talay Hotel and Villa @ Cha-Am Beach

While looking through Google Maps for hotel ideas by the beach, Cha-Am beach at Petchaburi spoils us for choices. Situated 30km up north from the city of Hua Hin, it’s a beautiful beach town that has seen better days before the Covid pandemic. This time in February 2021, we stopped by Talay Hotel and Villa at Cha Am beach for 1 night, while on the way to Phuket. We drove 10 hours from Chiang Mai, and we were elated to be welcomed by the beauty and chill of Talay Hotel and Villa!

We booked a room from Agoda, which we found to be cheaper than booking from their online website. We had some trouble trying to navigate our way to the hotel due to some navigational error on google’s GPS. In the end, we ended up on a narrow one-way road that led to the dark and scary alley of an adjacent building. We had to U-turn out of the road and it took a 7 point turn to get ourselves in the right direction.

Our Room at Talay Hotel and Villa

We got ourselves a beautiful room on the first floor, conveniently located right besides the steps that leads up to the swimming pool. We fell in love with the pastel-themed room furnishing and the beautiful toilet that the room had. It was such a comfort from the long drive!

When you need to chill from the hot weather, head up one flight of stairs from the first floor and you will end up at the pool.

It’s also an amazing experience to have the beach right across the street where your hotel is. Enjoy the beautiful sand and sea with great convenience, no need for expensive tuk-tuk rides that might rip you off for a short drive.

We stayed for only 1 night before we continued our drive to Phuket, but this stop-over definitely left a deep impression. The simplicity of the set up, yet with the poise of a beachside accommodation, is so mysterious in it’s own way. Even though Covid has drastically reduced the visitors coming by this beach, there’s a good community of foreigners living in Thailand who come and visit often.

We experienced the hospitality and comfort of this place, and we are just excited to give you this recommendation, especially if you are staying in Thailand. To be clear, we are not paid by the said hotel for writing this recommendation, but we love to share about good stuff, so here you go! To read more about our most recent travel experience in Phuket, visit our travel itinerary for Phuket here.

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