Our Review: Baan Krating Phuket Resort

Situated at the south western tip of Phuket, Baan Krating was where we stayed for the first 5 nights of our Phuket adventure. We had an amazing experience with this resort and we would love to share it with you!


Our Drive from Baan Krating Phuket Resort to Nai Harn Beach

Baan Krating Phuket Resort is slightly out of the way from the city area. The nearest publicly accessible beach is Nai Harn beach, a fine stretch of beautiful sand and clear waters. From Nai Harn beach, you will have to drive further in on a narrow road for 5 minutes before you reach Baan Krating.

During peak hours and periods, there will always be oncoming traffic, and it can get quite challenging to make way and squeeze through the narrow roads. Thankfully, with helpful local Thais, they are always glad to guide you as you drive.

If you intend to drive your motorbike, be careful of the steep slopes and the blind spots on the hills. If you are on a rented car, drive slowly especially when navigating the small bridges. Enter the bridges at slower speed to avoid your car from being scratched at the bottom.

From the resort, you can take a 15 minute drive to a couple of local night markets, where you can find cheap and delicious local Thai food. There’s also a street full of famous cafes that you should visit, one of it being Wilson’s Cafe. Another place to visit is the Rawai seafood Market!

You must be wondering, “is it worth the drive even?!”. Read on more to find out!


We enjoyed the Covid discounts, and we managed to book the older bungalow at 800 baht per night without breakfast.

Breakfast was at 200 baht per person, but we were offered 300 baht for 2 pax. We ended up making our own coffee and simple breakfast in our room and didn’t take up the breakfast offer.


The older wooden rooms has a very vintage and traditional feels to it. We had a queen size bed made out of 2 single beds, a smart TV, and a spacious toilet.

There is also a swimming pool in the resort but due to the low occupancy, the waters didn’t seem the most clean.

The highlight of this resort is it’s beach. It has a small private beach that has crystal clear waters with lots of marine life. Its a beautiful beach to snorkel at. They also have life jackets and snorkeling equipment that you can borrow. Try to time your snorkeling during the high tides so that it’s easier to avoid the barnacles, and be careful to jellyfish as always! We saw quite a bit of jellyfish hanging around the shores and one was as big as a car wheel!

From the resort, you can take a hike along the shore rocks to Laem Krating, the southern tip of the Rawai area. It’s a scenic walk with lots of wildlife. Wearing sports shoes will protect your ankles as you traverse across the huge rocks!

Customer Service

The staff workers at Baan Krating Phuket Resort are extremely friendly and helpful. We are thankful for their assistance in navigating the narrow roads, helping us with our bags, cleaning our rooms impeccably clean, and answering our queries with patience.

We enjoyed our conversations with the local staff, especially about how we drove down from Chiang Mai to Phuket in 2 days. They are very respectful and it makes the experience all the more comfortable.


We would strongly recommend this resort to travellers who love the forests and enjoy living amongst trees and the ocean. Our room were surrounded by huge trees and monsteras that twine along the barks of the tree. This resort will be especially awesome to those who love snorkeling! It’s also a pretty quiet resort, so if you are in search for a quiet meditative environment, Baan Krating Phuket Resort can be an excellent choice. Although the older rooms might have older furnishing and slightly creaking floors, the overall experience is definitely worth the price. To continue on our journey in Phuket with us, read more about our Phuket Itinerary here.

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