Aquaria Phuket

When you need a break from the sand and seas, a breather in a more familiar environment, you might come across Aquaria Phuket on google maps. Yes, it’s a full-fledged aquarium in a mall! In fact, it’s the biggest aquarium in Thailand. Some might wonder, is it even worth the price and travelling time? So, we’ve visited the place and we want to share with you the experience for you to figure out if it’s a worthy place to visit for yourself.


Aquaria Phuket is located in Central Phuket, a big mall located near the heart of Phuket City. When driving over to Central Phuket, the signs for Aquaria Phuket are not very obvious, so it can be tricky to figure out where to park. If it’s the first time you are heading there, simply park in the parking lot for Central Phuket mall. The aquarium entrance is at Basement 1 so try to park on the lower floors. After parking, enter the mall and look for the blue signs that provide direction to the aquarium.


As of March 2021, there’s an ongoing promo for tickets to Aquaria Phuket. For adults it’s 490 Baht, and for children, it’s 290 Baht. When we were visiting, there was a 1 for 1 promotion, hence we bought 2 tickets at 490 baht.


They had a huge variety species on display, including many big and prized fishes. Also, there’s a boardwalk one floor above the aquarium, so when you have completed the first floor, walk back to the starting point and find the staircase to the boardwalk. It will lead you to another section of display where there’s quite an extensive collection of insects and reptiles. Some might get freaked out by the snakes so visit this section at your own risk!

The area is very kids-friendly, easy to move around in prams, and seating areas for mommies to rest. The info boards are in English as well, so fret not if you can’t read Thai. There are scheduled shows as well, so keep your eyes peeled for the show schedule at the payment counter.


It was made even more worthwhile due to the 1 for 1 promotion that was going on when we were in town. We loved the display of big fishes all swimming freely and close to viewers. One of the highlights for us were the otters, the penguins, and the sea turtles. From observation, we are truely convinced that kids will fall in love with this place!

As we have said, it can be a very worthy break from the sand and seas, and also a great opportunity to clock in some shopping in the mall. As a couple, it was a good date idea and we had loads of fun narrating the lives of the fishes and otters. If ranked according to the size of fish, this aquarium probably outdid all other aquariums I have ever been to. If you love fishing and are excited about red tail catfishes and the alligator gar, you will be like an excited boy here in this aquarium. If you would like to follow us in our adventure here in Phuket, visit our Phuket Itinerary article here.

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