Toy Union Kids Club

Toy Union Kids Club

Located at the ground floor of resort mall Promenada Mall, the Toy Union Kids Club is a simple but beautiful cafe established with both tots and their parents in mind. Stepping into the cafe, the first things I noticed were the soothing colours, minimalist wood furnishing, and interactive play stations. What a perfect way to spend our afternoon with our mum-friend and her 8-year-old son. 

How’s the food?

As Singaporeans who miss our Chinese fare, we were really excited to have Chinese food for lunch. We ordered quite a variety – Dan Dan Noodles (spicy noodles in peanut sauce), Braised Meat Rice, Pork Ribs, and of course, Meat Dumplings. The kid had his favourite Carbonara Spaghetti; according to Mum, he always orders the same thing when he dines here hehe. The menu is definitely kids-friendly with many Chinese and Western non-spicy options available. The food served here is also packed with nutrients with quality ingredients that go into each dish, with no additives or preservatives. 

All the dishes were praiseworthy, but it goes without saying that the star of the lunch were the Meat Dumplings, stuffed with the right proportion of meat and fried to perfection. Dumplings are a staple in Asian cuisine, no doubt, and it’s the sauces that set them apart. Here at Toys Union, the special Chinese-style sauce really amped up the flavour! 

While we enjoyed the natural light filtering through the windows of the cafe, our friend explained to us why she likes this cafe so much. To her, this small cafe is a rare space where kids can safely play indoors within their parents’ view, while parents could have some relaxing down-time. As we finished our lunch, we could see it for ourselves: while the adults were chatting away, her son was happily engaged with the many books, toys and interactive wall activities available for the kids. We also got to chat with the owners of the cafe, a sister team of mothers of young kids, and they shared with us that what our friend likes about the cafe is the exact reason why they set it up in the first place! The cafe also leads right outside to the garden area of Promenada Mall, a large space where kids can run around without parents worrying about any oncoming traffic. Toys Union is a great place for some low-energy down time for both the kiddos and the folks! 

Toy Union Kids Club: Worth A Visit?

If you are travelling with kids, and love Chinese cuisine, this is a place that is very worth the visit. Let the kids have fun with all the toys, and feel assured that they are safe, while you enjoy your food. It’s also very conveniently located at Promenada, and it’s rare to find a child-friendly cafe in Chiang Mai.


  • Before your visit, do check if the cafe is closed for private birthday parties. The cafe usually posts such updates on their Facebook page. 
  • The activities at the cafe are suitable for kids aged below ten. 


  • Opening hours: 9.30 am – 9 pm
  • Telephone number: +66906705776
  • Facebook page
  • Admission fee – None 
  • Location/Map 
  • WiFi? – Yes 
  • Reservations required? – No
  • Transport directions – Songtaew: Alight at building A and walk to Building B. Drive: Enter through Entrance 3 and park at Building B. 
  • COVID measures – Hand gel available. Temp screening required at entrance of Prom 
  • Kids menu/ Non-spicy options – Yes 
  • Kids play area – Yes
  • High chair – Yes
  • Wheelchair/stroller friendly – Yes 
  • Expenditure: 840b 3 adult 1 kid

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