Mr Gobo from I Luv Sushi CNX

I Luv Sushi CNX – Affordable and Fresh

We love sushi! Sushi craving struck us one day and we found I Luv Sushi CNX! What a catchy name that played a part in drawing us in and off we went to search for good sushi in Chiang Mai. 


I Luv Sushi is a quiet sushi joint where you can have a relaxing meal. When you enter, a cosy ambience greets you with Japanese-style furniture in soothing wood tones and prints. You can choose between Japanese-style sitting or at the regular tables. 

How’s the food at I Luv Sushi CNX

It was our second time here but we ordered the same awesome platter aptly named “I Luv Sushi Platter” (680 baht)! It’s a huge platter, so I had time to scoot over to the chef’s table to watch him prepare the rolls and have a chat. 

Turns out that the chef is also the owner of the restaurant, and this one is not his first! His first restaurant was opened in 2003 at California, Long Beach and he had opened 2 more there since. From a young age, Gobo loves sushi and was excited to learn how to make it. His chance came when he met a chef friend who learnt sushi-making from a Japanese chef.

Gobo has never stopped making sushi since. Since Gobo is used to American food hygiene standards in his sushi making, he still practices it today in his restaurant in Chiang Mai as he expertly rolls the rice and nori. Gobo shared that he loves exploring fusion sushi, which is what makes I Luv Sushi special, and he uses fish imported from Japan and Norway. 

Finally, the giant platter was done, and since our bill was above 500 baht, we also received a free salmon skin roll. The platter features a nice variety of rolls made from avocado, salmon, prawns and a whole load of fresh ingredients. It also includes fresh sashimi, which is a mix of salmon, tuna and yellowfish. We don’t really eat tuna, so we requested for salmon instead. No problems with that! 

While the food is great at I Luv Sushi CNX, we think that makes this place so relaxing is the top-notch service by the restaurant staff. They make you feel right at home as they come with the food, free soup and drinks (water/hot tea), but also give you the space to enjoy your meal without disturbance. It was also not over the top that could make one feel uncomfortable. If you are looking for a different kind of dinner or craving for some sushi in Chiang Mai, I Luv Sushi would be a great choice! 


  • Opening hours: 11 am – 9 pm, closed on Tuesdays
  • Telephone number: +6653240400
  • Facebook page
  • Location/Map
  • WiFi: available
  • Reservations required?: Not necessary
  • Transport directions: I Luv Sushi CNX is right by the main street and you can park your vehicle opposite the restaurant
  • COVID measures: Hand sanitiser available at every table

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