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Even for us who live in Chiang Mai, we love exploring Nimman for its indie feels and hipster vibes. In one of our recent staycations in Nimman, we stayed in Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel, and we loved its artsy designs and prime location. Here’s our review of this place, and hopefully it helps you in knowing what you are getting if you are on a holiday trip to Chiang Mai and considering staying here.


Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel is quite a long name but it doesn’t take long to find your way there! The hotel is snuggled on Lane 3 of Nimmanhaemin road, right at the end of the lane, and it’s right behind One Nimman, and a 10-minute walking distance from Maya Mall. Also, it’s situated right beside many hipster cafes, ice cream parlours, and famous restaurants.

Some of the cafes and restaurants we recommend to visit when you stay there are Roast8ry Lab, SARUDA Finest Pastry, and GINGER FARM kitchen at ONE NIMMAN.


We spent a total of THB 1,108.91 per night on Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel, including tax. We booked the room through Agoda’s Secret Deals, where they charge a flat price but they will choose your hotel from a selection of 3 hotels. The image below is an example of the offer I used. The price fluctuates according to the days of the month.

Our price doesn’t include breakfast, but it was a good thing for us as we prefer to head out to hunt for quality coffee and hipster cafe ambience. Considering the location and furnishing (which you will see in the next segment), we deem the price extremely worth it. However, be aware that this pricing is for the covid period where there’s no tourist. Be sure that the prices will increase when tourists flood into Chiang Mai again!

Also, take note that when you book through Agoda’s Secret Deal, the hotel offers you the lowest tier room with a view of the Nimmanhaemin area. There are other rooms that have a beautiful Doi Suthep Mountain view but you will have to top up another 200-300 baht for it. If having a mountain view is important for you, you’re probably better off inquiring and booking from their official Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel website.


Our cozy room is well furnished, although it’s probably the lowest tier room. The room has very thoughtful artsy design elements throughout from the ceilings, to art stands, and gothic chandeliers.

Our favourite area of Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel is the rooftop infinity pool that overlooks the Doi Suthep Mountain! The swimming pool is west-facing, hence the sunlight can be quite strong in the afternoon hours. If you intend to swim and soak in the pool, we recommend waking up early to swim in the shade. That being said, the swimming pool can be quite cold, so be prepared to take some time to adjust to the temperature. What would help is to take a shower in cold water first, and in no time you will adjust to the pool’s temperature.

There’s also an art gallery on the first floor right behind the service counter. The restaurant in the hotel has been closed due to Covid measures, but we could use the tables to do some work. The gym is located on the 8th floor, beside the swimming pool. Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel has a good selection of very well-furnished rooms as well, albeit at a higher price, so do check their other rooms out here. If you happen to be renting a car and driving, fret not, they have a basement parking area to keep your car from the sun and rain.

Customer Service

We booked the room for Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel on the night before the check-in date, and we wrote in our requests on the Agoda platform that we’ll like to have 2 chairs, non-smoking, high floor room. We are impressed that they paid attention to the details and tried as much to give us what we request for.

Also, they were kind to help to facilitate early check-in, and late check-out, although I think its only possible due to the low season. The staff were very diligent in ensuring that Covid-19 measures were adhered to, which includes wearing a mask at the counter area. The check-out process was very quick as well, and in fact, we accidentally left our thermal flask at the hotel, and the staff were very helpful to keep it and return it to us when we drove back in the evening. They also took the effort to verify that we are the owners of the thermal flask by asking us verification questions. It shows that they take their customer’s property very seriously.

Final Verdict

If you love to shop and cafe-hop, we think that Art Mai Gallery Nimman Hotel will be a very good choice, for it’s location, amenities, and price. It’s especially suitable for travellers who love to take instagram-worthy shots and who would want to beef up your social media game with nice swimming pool shots. Still, we would recommend that travellers spend some time living in the mountainous areas of Chiang Mai to experience the adventures and mystery it has to offer.

If you happen to be travelling in Chiang Mai and would love to take a 3D2N escapade into the mountains, we would strongly recommend visiting Mae Taeng district! If you have no idea where it is, we wrote our recommended Mae Taeng itinerary and you can take reference from it.

To be clear, we are not paid to write this review, and we are writing it just because we want to share good stuff and help travellers be more Trooper-Aware. We hope this review helped you in your decision-making and preparation for your trip!

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